Why OnePlus?

With over 25 years experience and tens of thousands of monitors in the field today, OnePlus is the only name in smart waste monitoring.

We focus our efforts on four main principles: Simplicity, Efficiency, Savings and Insights.



Simpler is Better

A smart waste management solution doesn't have to be complex. At OnePlus
we like to keep things simple.

Easy to install fullness monitors are compatible with a wide range of compactors.

Real-time data reports directly to your desktop or mobile device.

User friendly analysis and intuitive reporting features.



Maximum Efficiency, Minimal Risk

Harnessing the latest sensor technology and cloud-based software, OnePlus has developed proven, efficiency-driven waste monitoring solutions

Ensuring waste pickups are made only when needed.

Reducing the number of hauls by an average of 40%.

Creating 24/7 awareness of compactor and container fullness levels.



Save Time & Make Money

Reducing your hauls means reducing your costs. By optimizing container capacity and service routes you save big on unnecessary collection costs.

OnePlus monitors deliver a ROI almost instantly.

Allowing you to reallocate the savings to more pressing areas of your business.

And no more wasted time arranging last-minute, high-cost pickups.



Deep Insights from Rich Data

You'll be surprised by the detailed insights and analysis at your finger tips on the WasteForce platform.

Unparalleled fullness, access, and usage monitoring tools.

Quickly displays current status of one or thousands of containers in real time.

Develops predictive notification capabilities by analyzing historic filling trends.

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