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Customer Problem

King Soopers and City Market are two well-known Kroger brand supermarket chains located primarily across the eastern side of the Rocky Mountains. With foundations stretching back to as early as 1924, and now with 150 locations, King Soopers and City Market provide local communities across Colorado and Wyoming with everything they need from groceries and pharmaceuticals, to pet products and fuel.

As Kroger brands, King Soopers and City Market have an unwavering commitment to moving the industry forward in the area of sustainability. Several ambitious environmental goals and a comprehensive sustainability program (now in it’s 10th edition) have lead to many awards including three EPA Food Waste Recovery awards for Leadership, Innovation, Education and Outreach.

The considerable size of both King Soopers and City Market operations, and the broad range of products supplied to the community mean that a substantial amount of waste and recyclable material is generated at each location. As a result, hauling costs can be high and ensuring there is always capacity in each locations waste compactor can be difficult. With scheduled compactor pick-ups in place, the chances of haulages occurring at exactly the right time were slim, meaning that either unnecessary hauls were being made or worse, compactors were over-filled by the time a scheduled haul arrived.

The challenge was finding a solution that could provide:

  1. Intelligent monitoring of waste compactor fullness levels
  2. Accurate report data to optimize hauls and reduce costs
  3. The analytics to leverage the operational intelligence and become more sustainable.

The Solution

In 2009, three years in to their sustainability program, King Soopers were introduced to the OnePlus “Internet of Things” compactor monitoring solution which promised to provide unprecedented compactor fullness monitoring, significantly reduced hauling costs, and valuable waste intelligence metrics.


There are two elements to the OnePlus solution that help achieve this. Firstly, the OnePlus Fullness Monitor utilises the latest pressure sensing technology and wireless communications to accurately measure and report a compactors fullness level. Positioned close to a waste compactor and remotely configured to take reports at times determined by the client, the Fullness Monitor then communicates with the second element of the OnePlus solution, the WasteForce platform.

WasteForce leverages fullness report data from one or thousands of compactors to provide a Control Centre view of all compactor fullness levels within a client’s operation. This ensures that available waste capacity data is visible at all times and manual checking of compactors is no longer required. By always knowing the available space for waste, the risk of unhygienic overflowing compactors too is eliminated.

Waste Force

Most impressively, WasteForce communicates directly with client haulers to ensure that pick-ups are made only when compactors are full. This results in a significant reduction in unnecessary hauling costs and takes the hassle of constantly requesting hauls off the on site Manager’s shoulders. Detailed reporting tools also enable clients to apply OnePlus waste intelligence to their environmental sustainability strategy.

And the added benefit to the environment; by optimizing compactor hauls, there are less trucks on the road resulting in a lower carbon footprint.

The Results

Since first being introduced, King Soopers and City Market have adopted OnePlus compactor monitoring at over 50 locations in Colorado. At any time, both Store and Central Management can remotely check their compactor fullness levels at each location, ensuring that waste and recycling capacity is always available.

Direct alerts between the OnePlus platform and contracted waste haulers has eliminated unnecessary visits and lead to a move away from scheduled hauls. As a result, compactor hauls have been reduced by approximately 20% across 50 locations.

With detailed waste metrics now at their fingertips, King Soopers and City Market can utilise and incorporate waste intelligence within their existing sustainability strategy, benefiting not only their wider operation, but the industry as a whole.

Ralph Powell, Reclamation Manager at King Soopers, has overseen the implementation of OnePlus technology since 2009. “As a Kroger brand, our commitment to a more environmentally sustainable way of working has continued to grow year on year. By investing in OnePlus Systems, we have not only become more sustainable and informed about our waste streams, we have cut out the unnecessary costs in our waste hauling requirements. By knowing more about our waste, we can make better strategic decisions. And by saving more, we can reallocate those savings to our other sustainability initiatives. The OnePlus solution has been a complete success.” Ralph commented.


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