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OnePlus Systems Inc. is an Illinois-based manufacturer of container fullness and control systems. With the launch of their first networked compactor fullness monitor solution in 1991, followed later by the first Internet based compactor monitoring system, OnePlus’s sensor technology and software solutions presaged the coming Internet of Things revolution. Twenty-five years, 20,000 units, and nine patents later OnePlus continues to lead the industry.

Our monitoring and security solutions make it possible for some of the world’s largest retailers, manufacturers, property managers, hospitals and hospitality operators to reduce costs, increase operating efficiency, and gain insight into the daily functioning of their businesses.

Whether it’s compactor fullness monitoring, access control and usage reporting, or data analytics OnePlus has a complete, customizable solution for whatever your business needs. And with remote access and cloud-based reporting, managing it all has never been easier.

In June 2016, OnePlus Systems acquired the Dublin, Ireland-based leader of intelligent waste monitoring solutions, SmartBin. Since 2010, SmartBin have revolutionized how municipal and private waste management companies service waste containers through a combination of smart wireless fill-level sensors and powerful routing and analysis software. Together, OnePlus and SmartBin will leverage their shared technology and experience to provide unparalleled monitoring solutions for the global waste management industry.

Partner with us today and not only will you save time, make money, and spare the earth, but you will join the ranks of dozens of Fortune 500 companies who have learned firsthand with OnePlus how smarter sensors make for better business.

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