The Five Wins for Haulers Using OnePlus

The success and staying power of North America’s largest solid waste collection companies has been achieved on the back of smart decisions and understanding the marketplace. By focussing on the customer, diversifying services, and maximizing the return on capital investments, several well-known companies have continued to increase market share and revenue.

For 25 years, OnePlus has followed the same approach in developing intelligent monitoring solutions and delivering process improvements to Haulers and their customers. For OnePlus, a fusion of fullness monitoring devices and a cloud-based analytical software, called WasteForce, has brought the Internet of Things (IoT) to waste management’s door.

OnePlus provides operational improvements and market strength to Haulers on five fronts:

1. Increased Customer Acquisition & Retention

For as long as the industry has existed, one piece of information has stood in the way of truly efficient hauling services – When is the optimum time to collect?  With this knowledge, true value is realized by the customer as both early and late collections are avoided. Without it, scheduled collections will always run the risk of an unsatisfactory service. For both the Hauler and their customers, the cost to provide and receive the best service are minimized, helping the Hauler to retain and grow market share.

OnePlus delivers this valuable data through accurate fullness monitoring devices for both compactors and containers. Complimented by the WasteForce analytics platform, both the Hauler and customer can enjoy a control centre view of waste and recycling operations. In addition, WasteForce helps Haulers to foresee equipment breakdowns and maintenance issues, ensuring that the customer never suffers from interruptions in service. 

2. Return on Invested Capital

Efficiency in collections brings efficiency in costs. By optimizing the collection of material and reducing the number of hauls required to perform the highest level of service, expenditure on fuel, labor hours, truck maintenance, and even administrative costs can be optimized.

Location mapping of containers and the automation of service allows for agile and highly efficient operations. With predictive filling capabilities, WasteForce also helps to ensure that fleet and driver resources are made available in advance of collections.

3. Environmental Sustainability

The modernization of trucks and wide adoption of fleet management systems have had a hugely positive impact on environmental stewardship within the industry. Reducing carbon footprints feature heavily in the sustainability programs of every solid waste collection company, and their customers, however the primary way to lower carbon emissions should be to first reduce the truck mileage.

Typically, OnePlus solutions reduce unnecessary hauling trips by 15-35%. When applied to the hundreds of thousands of hauls performed on scheduled services each month, OnePlus technology can have a profound effect on the environment and create headlines on annual sustainability reports for both the Hauler and their customers.

4. Economic Value

Advancements in procurement have, for all levels of waste collection, benefited the customer and are now a regular market feature. Quicker and more effective assessments of the Hauler and service levels valued most by the customer have streamlined the procurement process greatly.

During the customer’s evaluation, the ability to offer an automated, cost-friendly and validated service can stand out and can be highly valued. Potentially making the difference between winning new business and losing loyal customers. OnePlus delivers on all fronts by reducing operational costs, monitoring service, and strengthening the Hauler’s price power and EBIT.

5. Data Analytics

For waste collection companies, the ability to benchmark service levels, report on service validation, monitor driver accountability, and measure environmental sustainability efforts offers a new level of operational intelligence for the industry. Alone, accurate operational data can have a significant impact on the success or failure of a business strategy.

Providing feature rich tools and the option to export detailed reports, WasteForce makes operational analysis seamless and user friendly. And with personal Account Management, OnePlus is always on hand to ensure results are achieved quickly.

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