The WasteForce 100 Report

At WasteExpo 2017, on the biggest stage in the Waste & Recycling calendar, Chicago-based OnePlus Systems unveiled their latest innovative milestone – the WasteForce compactor monitoring platform. For 25 years, OnePlus has been monitoring compactor fullness for some of the biggest names in the industry and some of the most well-known private companies in the world. Now, following the launch of WasteForce, OnePlus is making a significant leap forward in its offering.

The OnePlus compactor monitoring solution has always had two main elements.

  1. A high-tech Fullness Monitor that is connected to a compactor, measuring internal PSI levels and wirelessly reporting fullness data.
  2. A User Interface that receives fullness reports and displays waste data to the client and/or Hauler.

The combination of both elements has made it possible for the hauling of compactor material to become an automated, highly efficient and environmentally sustainable process. For Haulers, the most optimal levels of service are possible while improving return on invested capital, reducing truck miles and fuel consumption. For cities and private companies, a cost-effective, minimally disruptive and reliable hauling service is enjoyed.

With the launch of WasteForce, however, OnePlus has begun to leverage waste data in a way that is unprecedented. Just some of the features of the cloud-based platform include, detailed location mapping, predictive filling trends, fullness alert gauge settings, weather forecasting and highly customizable reporting tools.vels of service are possible while improving return on invested capital, reducing truck miles and fuel consumption. For cities and private companies, a cost-effective, minimally disruptive and reliable hauling service is enjoyed.

If you were lucky enough to catch a glimpse of the platform at WasteExpo, you would no doubt have been impressed by the visuals inside WasteForce. Trash has never looked so appealing, but aesthetics aside, the real magic of WasteForce is in how waste metrics are used to support other areas of both the Hauler, and the waste generator’s business.

100 days after it’s launch, OnePlus began consulting with the new and existing clients that have been onboarded to WasteForce over the Summer. Clients include Haulers and private organizations within the Hospitality, Healthcare, Grocery, Federal Government, Facility Management and Education sectors. OnePlus began by asking just one question – Has WasteForce intelligence helped to improve or inform other areas of your business and how?

To date, an overwhelmingly positive response to the platform has been received with several particularly interesting stories of How emerging:

Groceries Sector

Multiple clients in the Grocery sector have reported how they are using WasteForce data to correlate with the sales and operational performances at each store. For example, frequent compactions and waste outputs are typically at the same rates for high preforming stores, however when under-performing stores have the same rates, this highlights inefficiency or excess waste problems.

Healthcare Sector

A build-up of waste and recycling material is a concern for every Healthcare facility. The reason being that blockages on the dock can back-up into the facility, causing a breakdown in crucial processes and risk potential health code violations. WasteForce data has shown to help Healthcare facility managers identify the operational inefficiencies that lead to excess waste material on the dock. For example, inconsistent night shift compactions leading to unprocessed waste on the dock each morning.

Hospitality Sector

When operating on a large scale, even small inefficiencies affect the bottom line. OnePlus clients in the Hospitality sector have begun to quantify their savings in both employee time and avoidable hauling fees at the locations with and without OnePlus monitoring. Employee time manually checking compactor levels, communicating with haulers and opening and closing entrance gates can all be reduced, saving significant hours and dollars.  With an automated hauling process in place, emergency hauls and overweight fines too can be markedly reduced.


Customer service has and always will be paramount to the most successful waste management companies. Putting aside the service optimization OnePlus offer to Haulers, accurate customer data and trending reports point to new opportunities for the industry. For example, Haulers can better understand the resources and investment needed to provide an optimal service to a client or market sector by analysing WasteForce data. In addition, Haulers can validate and benchmark their service more accurately thanks to timestamped reports from the OnePlus Fullness Monitor.

In just a few examples we can see how, by leveraging the power of waste data, OnePlus are going beyond fullness monitoring and hauling automation. With unique analytical capabilities and smooth integrations, the company is creating value across multiple sectors. WasteForce signals a new era of waste intelligence that is already benefiting many industries. If you like the sound of that, we encourage you to arrange a demo by calling 800.917.0123 or Emailing Us Here!

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