OnePlus Move to Revolutionize UK’s Recycled Clothing Collection Market

London, England –  September 28th, 2017 – OnePlus Systems are pleased to announce a significant deployment of their intelligent container monitoring solution to the UK recycled clothing market. With over 80 clients in the US market, including Goodwill Industries and The Salvation Army, the deal comes as OnePlus look to repeat the same success throughout the UK by providing problem solving solutions to the market.

The investment in OnePlus’ cutting edge monitoring technology, by an undisclosed not-for-profit collection and recycling company, follows a successful pilot and initial roll-out phase. With hundreds of donated clothing containers across the region, the client plans to fully optimize their entire operation over the coming months.

To date, OnePlus solutions have delivered impressive results across their US client base including:

  • An increase in collected weight per stop
  • A reduction in clothing donation theft
  • A reduction in required collection resources such as fuel and driving hours
  • The elimination of unsightly over-filled containers and emergency runs
  • Real-time visibility of operations, driver tracking, and container photo capture

The Solution

Achieving these results is enabled by the two elements of the OnePlus solution. 1) the wireless, ultrasonic Metro fullness sensor that is mounted inside donation containers, and 2) the dynamic OnePlus SmartBin Live platform that visualises container fullness and optimises the collection process.

The Metro sensor wirelessly communicates container fullness levels, alerts and alarms, trackable movements, and service events. When accessed on the SmartBin Live platform, OnePlus clients enjoy a control centre view of operations and many features that ensure containers can be serviced at the optimum time.

Speaking about the deployment, Operations Manager for OnePlus’ client said “The good nature of British citizens that donate their clothing can sometimes be tarnished by the theft of those donations from our bins. We felt it was our duty to invest in a solution that combated this and increased the volume of material that we can recycle and use to fund environmental, development and educational projects throughout African nations and India. The OnePlus solution is revolutionising our operations, making the servicing of containers highly efficient, keeping costs down, and safeguarding our assets for future donations.”

Developed for a range of container and material types, OnePlus technology offers process improvements to several other markets including private and municipal waste, used cooking oil, waste oil and glass. Making it possible for UK cities and private collectors to become more efficient, cost-effective and environmentally sustainable, OnePlus aim to revolutionise how containers of all shapes and sizes are serviced throughout the UK.

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