The OnePlus Solution for Facility Management

The world’s top Facility Management companies, like all service providers, are faced with the challenge of providing the highest standard of service to clients while keeping costs manageable. The major client accounts, which traverse industries such as Big Finance, Education, Technology, and Federal Government, have high expectations when signing multi-year Facility Management contracts. And so they should.


As a Facility Management company that needs to stay competitive while constantly improving service, it is very important to actively look to the market for the solutions to help achieve this.

Facility Management is a broad term but many of the key operational tasks involve waste. From the personnel that ensure interior bins are emptied on time, to the responsible sorting of waste and ultimately it’s collection from the property, waste requires planning, training and organisation.

For today’s FM, it also requires tech. At OnePlus Systems, we develop wireless waste monitoring solutions that enable FM companies to not only optimize how waste is managed on-site, but that also reduce the costs and resources required to keep clients satisfied. With powerful analytics, we support and inform complex on-site waste management processes too.

Properties with Waste Compactors:

Many medium to large sized properties utilize compactors as good practice for optimizing the space needed to store waste and keep haulage costs down. Nevertheless, haulage costs remain expensive and compactors that go unmonitored can be hauled without reaching their full capacity, or worse, go unhauled when the compactor is full.

To remove any risk of expensive early hauls or disruptive and unhygienic over-fills, OnePlus have developed the OnePlus Fullness Monitor. Using the latest wireless pressure sensing technology, the Fullness Monitor accurately measures the fullness of self-contained compactors, ensuring clients and Facility Managers always know available capacity.

Waste Force

As a compactor reaches it’s pre-configured haulage level, the OnePlus Analytics platform communicates directly with the hauler to let them know now is the right time to haul. As the name suggests, OnePlus Analytics provides many more analytical tools so Facility managers can drill down in to their waste DNA and inform the overall strategy.

Combined, the OnePlus Fullness Monitor and Analytics platform can reduce haulage costs by up to 40% meaning Facility Managers can be cost efficient when providing the highest standard of waste management to clients.

Properties with Dumpsters:

Non-compacting waste containers, such as rear and front end loading dumpsters, are used on virtually every business property. In order to segregate many waste streams effectively, a property can have dozens of containers. With day to day waste volumes being hard to predict, it is most likely that dumpsters will be half-full or overflowing when the next scheduled haul comes around. If this is the case, Facility Managers are either paying unnecessary haulage fees or running the risk of on-site health hazards.

OnePlus Systems have an Internet of Trash™ solution for this problem too.  The OnePlus Metro series is a suite of small, battery powered, wireless ultrasonic fill-level sensors that mount to many container types. Reporting fill-levels to OnePlus Analytics, the Metro series make it possible for Facility Managers to know their available waste capacity at all times, arrange hauls at the optimum time, improve corporate sustainability, and have the analytics to improve waste management strategies.

Container Monitoring

Providing a Control Centre view of all waste containers across many client locations is a unique and valuable tool for Facility Managers. Considering the operational cost savings alone, OnePlus Systems Intelligent Waste monitoring makes great sense for FM. Now taking in to account the positive impact for the client and account retention, OnePlus is a no-brainer for the industry.

For Facility Managers looking to improve client satisfaction while reducing costs, stop by booth 109 at the IFMA Facility Fusion expo, April 4th-6th in Las Vegas NV. Or simply visit today to discuss the right solution for your clients.

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