The OnePlus Solution for Oil Recyclers

Waste Oil Recyclers have endured a challenging couple of years as oil prices dropped sharply, client surcharges were implemented, and resources had to be re-positioned and re-focused to avoid layoffs. When the focal point of your business drops in value it affects all areas of the operation and Oil Recyclers now need to become innovative to stay competitive and retain their client base.

For a lot of companies, the main outgoing is the going out. At a minimum, waste oil collection expenses include truck costs, labor, fuel and insurance. When the value of the commodity that is being collected and recycled drops and collection expenses remain high, profits plummet.

It may seem counter-intuitive, but right now is the perfect time for Oil Recyclers to invest. The Internet of Things has given rise to a new age of monitoring technology that enables Oil Recyclers to become vastly more efficient, improve client satisfaction, and quantify the inventory of waste oil sitting in client tanks at any time.

The technology is Intelligent Tank Monitoring by NORA member OnePlus Systems.


The device: Metro

The OnePlus Metro series is a completely wireless and battery powered ultrasonic fill-level sensor. Easily installed on any tank, the Metro takes timed fill-level readings and reports them via cellular or IoT networks directly to the Oil Recyclers computer or tablet.

The software: OnePlus Analytics

OnePlus Analytics uses Metro’s sensor reports to not only display accurate tank fill-levels and locations, but also the quickest route to go collect. Analytical features such as profit/loss forecasts, inventory management and driver tracking also come as standard, optimizing Oil Recycling operations of any size.


The results:

With war room visibility of their entire collection operation and accurate fill-level reporting from the Metro sensor, Oil Recyclers can offer the highest level of service, while keeping costs to a minimum. At any time, OnePlus clients know exactly how much oil is in the field meaning they can manage recycling levels and monitor inventory. No more unnecessary journeys and no more over-spills, keeping clients happy and helping the environment.

Intelligent monitoring is the high-tech answer to the Oil Recycling question right now. And when oil prices pick-up, the same OnePlus solution will improve profits even further. To truly optimize operations, sustain and even grow client bases, and protect the bottom line, the time is now for Waste Oil Recyclers to invest.

OnePlus Systems will be sponsoring and exhibiting at the NORA Winter Meeting, February 22-24 in Las Vegas. We encourage all responsible recyclers that understand the value of technology and how it can help their operation to stop by or visit

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