Grocery Stores – The Waste is in the Trash



Grocery store chains are sharp. Whether it’s Stock Inventory Management Systems, Buyer Behavior Analysis or Customer Experience development, the industry has become renowned for embracing technology to operate smarter and more cost efficient.

However, an area that is being overlooked and undervalued is not on the shop floor or in the stock room – it’s actually not in the store at all. It’s in the back alley or carpark where the waste compactors and dumpsters are kept. The waste is in the dumpster in more ways than one!

Despite impressive projection and trending tools, footfall is never a sure thing and Grocery stores still see unexpected fluctuations in customer purchasing and therefor the amount of waste generated each week.

Grocery Stores’ Problem

Actually, there are a few. Firstly, the majority of Grocery stores rely on scheduled hauling of compactors and dumpsters. This means that dumpsters and compactors are extremely unlikely to be hauled at the optimum time – when they are just full.

As a result, trucks are on the road when they need not be, Grocery stores are paying regularly for the collection of air, or worse paying emergency call-out fees when compactors and dumpsters are overflowing, and an unsightly and unsafe hygiene risk is created on the store property.

The Solution

Waste Management is finally becoming truly high-tech and at OnePlus Systems we believe we are at the cutting edge. Simply, we provide intelligent wireless waste sensors for both compactors and dumpsters that tell our clients their exact fill-levels at all times. Supported by our powerful analytics platform, our solutions not only notify haulers at the optimum time of collection, they enable industries like Grocery stores to analyze and benchmark their waste management strategy.

The Results

OnePlus Systems connect waste to your existing business DNA. With intelligent monitoring of on-site dumpsters and compactors Grocery stores always know their available waste capacity, and when the time is right your hauler is notified to collect. Aside from the benefits of a cleaner working environment and greater sustainability, Grocery chains stand to save significantly on a reduced frequency of waste hauls. And while we look after your waste, Grocery stores can focus on the customer.

For example, over a decade OnePlus clients can reduce their haulage fees by over $100,000 on one compactor alone. Considering the number of compactors in use at Grocery stores across the world, an incredible amount of savings are being hauled away needlessly.

In an industry that seems to have analyzed every inch of the stock room and shop floor, now is the time to bring technology to the back alley. Knowing your waste levels means helping your bottom line and the environment.

To learn more or to arrange a demonstration, get in touch with OnePlus Systems today or stop by Booth 1622 at the National Grocers Association Show in Las Vegas this February 12th-15th.

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