TDC Denmark & Cisco Showcase the Future of Smart City Waste Collection

June 19, 2016
By Eoin

SmartBin City Digital Platfrom Copenhagen

Copenhagen, June 2016 — TDC, Denmark’s largest telecoms company, and Cisco have together unveiled their IoT City Digital Platform during the Greater Copenhagen Smart Solutions Conference. The cutting edge IoT platform signifies a huge leap forward in Smart City solutions management for municipalities. The unveiling, coincides with the TDC and Cisco partnership agreement to provide Smart City solutions to the whole of Denmark, including Intelligent Waste Monitoring by SmartBin™.

SmartBin™, recently acquired by Illinois-based global leader of IoT Compactor Monitoring solutions, OnePlus Systems Inc.., are involved in several Smart City projects and also announced their IoT network enabled sensors, the Metro Series, at IFAT 2016 earlier this month.

The ultimate goal of the City Digital Platform will be to streamline municipal operations and improve the level of services to local citizens. “Today, there are almost no cities that collect and use data to raise their level of service. By virtue of the Internet of Things approach, one can react immediately to the needs of the city” says Kristian Krautwald from TDC Business.

Collaborating with TDC, Cisco, and the Gate21 DOLL Living Lab, SmartBin™ has deployed UBi fill-level sensors to a range of waste and recycling containers, integrated with the City Digital Platform and enabled municipalities and stakeholders from across the world to experience the revolutionary IoT waste monitoring solution first hand.

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